I’m done. I am so completely finished with how the police are treating people of color. Listen: YOU CAN’T JUST KILL SOMEONE BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS. I’m sick and tired of hearing stories of cops being able to get away with murdering someone just because of their race. You are supposed to be protecting people, not killing everyone who looks suspicious. Killing someone is a last resort. You can’t treat people negatively because of their race. Black people are twice as likely two be searched, but twice less likely to actually have contraband. Something here just doesn’t make sense. It’s been over 150 years since black people were freed from slavery, and over 50 years since they (supposedly) gained equality. How long is it going to take us to learn that having the judiciary system biased against black people isn’t fair? They’ve protested, petitioned, and put up with us killing them, but when they get violent, they’re treated as crazed freaks. They’re not insane; they’re just tired of not being able to go buy Skittles and iced tea without having to worry about some white dude gunning them down. Maybe instead of only punishing people, we actually try rehabilitation, too. We put people in prison, and torture them. The United Nations defined solitary confinement as torture, AND YET WE’RE STILL DOING IT. THIS ISN’T ACCOMPLISHING ANTHING. JUST STOP. When you’re sent to prison, you get a life sentence. The rest of your existence is affected by it. You can’t find a job, if you’re a veteran you lose almost all of the benefits that were supposed to be guaranteed to you, and the stigma attached to what you’ve been through, no matter how reformed you are, will never go away.

Beauty is so weird. Why are some noses considered ugly? It’s a nose. Who cares? Why do I consider someone less attractive for something they have no control over, and that doesn’t affect their life in negative ways?

I really hate how all “LGBT News” is negative. “Gay teen killed” and “Homeless transgendered people,” stuff like that. People focus so much on negativity instead of celebrating everything that we’ve accomplished.

Even though I may not agree that black face should still be considered offensive, I respect the fact that it isn’t my position to decide what a group that I’m not a part of finds offensive.

My favorite thing about the South is how everyone talks to everyone. Standing in the elevator isn’t awkward, it’s a conversation starter.